Wednesday, July 15, 2009

While you are waiting . . .

I might as well give you some fun stuff to look at!

Check out Paula's instructions for the Faux Alligator Technique. Cool, huh?

Blog? What Blog?

Oh YEAH! I have a BLOG!

What do a 3 weekends out of town + one weekend with house guests + 2 unbelievably busy weeks at my 'day' job + a pending kitchen remodel + the need to start (and finish!) my Convention Swaps equal? If you guessed NO BLOG POSTS, you are absolutely right!

But I have been stamping. Really. Here is the messy desk picture to prove it!

My normal stamping spot is in our sunroom but this time of year, especially a year with record high temps, it is just too hot in there! So I've been picking stuff up and carrying it to a little library table in our living room . . . as you can see, NOT the ideal place to stamp! LOL What a MESS! (And those baseboards really need painting, don't they?!)

The good news is I am making progress on my swaps . . . I have signed up for 8 organized swap and I'm happy to say I'm either done or have a significant start on all but 1 of those. I would LOVE to show you the projects I have done . . . but then that could potentially ruin the surprise for other folks in those swaps.

Once I settle on some 'general' swaps . . . I post some of those so you have something pretty and fun to look at, okay? In the mean time . . . here is a little hint at some cards that might become general swaps! Crappy picture, but I just snapped quick shots of stuff that is propped on my mantle . . . be on the look out for better pics soon!