Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Growing Pains

There have been some big changes around here the last year or so . . . and some bigger changes still to come. The biggest, most immediate change is that we will be buying and moving into my Mother-in-law's house. There was some debate about this being the right move for us - lots of pros and lots of cons - but in the end, the list of pros was much longer. For me, the biggest con was my emotional attachment to our current house but I've worked through it and am now very excited about the upcoming change.

We have lots to do at the new house before we move in. It was a bit of a 'project house' when my Mother-in-law purchased it and, in the end, she just wasn't happy enough with the location to put the needed TLC into it. She thought she wanted to move closer to her siblings and to her youngest son (my husband) but, once she got here, she realized that she had built her life in another town and that is where she really needed to be. So . . . it is becoming our project house!

Don't get me wrong . . . in this case, a project house is perfect. I would much rather have a house that needs a bit of cosmetic work than a house that is perfectly and tastefully done . . . in someone else's taste! I think it is awesome that there is damage to some of the walls . . . because those walls have a really ugly 'slap brush' texture. If those ugly textured walls were in perfect condition, I really couldn't justify the work it is going to take to change them. So, damaged walls are GOOD news! LOL

Anyway . . . you can expect many blog posts in the coming months to concern our renovations and our move. I can't wait to share!

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