Monday, April 27, 2009

Check Out My Blog Group!

When I first started to get serious about blogging, I decided I would designate certain days for certain types of posts . . . I've not been great at following that plan but I'm gonna try to get back to, starting today!

So . . . today is Make a List Monday! WooHoo! My list for today is my Blog Group! (Yeah . . . you can see the list in the right hand column, but if I put it in a post, the list will get noticed for sure!)

So, what is a Blog Group, you ask? Well, this group was formed so we could offer encouragement and motivation to other stamping bloggers . . . we all want to improve our blogs, improve our stamping, and get more exposure on the internet. Pretty cool, huh? Check 'em out! You will see some amazing stuff!

1 comment:

Jamie Hurley said...

You are too kind! Your blog is great by the way!