Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life Comes at You Fast . . .

Cute couple, huh? That is Drew, my son, with his fiance, Sarah. Yup, my only child is getting married!

As you might imagine, I've been on a roller coaster ever since he called to tell me the news a couple of weeks ago. I mean, just who IS this girl that wants me to share my baby?! LOL! I did manage to convince him to bring her down (we are currently living 9 hours apart) for the weekend so I could AT LEAST meet my future daughter-in-law!

Like every mother, I just want my child to be happy, healthy, and safe . . . their visit confirmed what I had been hearing through the phone. He is unbelievably happy. Not only that, but she appears to think that he is wonderful. How could a Mom not love someone who makes her son so happy AND shares her own high opinion of him? LOL About the healthly and safe bit . . . I guess now I have TWO kids to worry about!


Anonymous said...

Boy does this hit home. Time sure does fly by faster than you want it to! It sounds like you had a great first impression!!!

Qbee (aka Brenda) said...

Comeka, You do not look old enough to have son whose getting married. They make a very cute couple. :)

Beth said...

Ok, so I'm with Brenda-you must have had Drew when you were what? 10yo?
They are a gorgeous couple-congrats and best wishes to everyone!!